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Confessions of a Book Hoarder

I will always be poor. Even if I make the bestseller list and win a Pulitzer. Even if I supplemented income by becoming a Mary Kay dealer. My money will be spent on books.
I must have books. It’s a thing with me.
A year or two ago, an offer from Amazon drifted in my inbox. Every Penguin Classic ever published, delivered on a pallet, to my door, for under $10,000. My finger hovered over the 1-click purchase button. I broke out in a cold sweat. Oh, how beautiful, to have my 900 square foot apartment I share with a wife, two children and nine bookshelves, filled with the words of the greatest geniuses in literary lore.
A small bit of doubt lingered.
What would I tell my wife when the freight truck pulled up? That Alexi Sherman, author of The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, says to ‘read 1000 pages for every 1 page that you write?’
Or perhaps Walt Disney, who said, ‘There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.’
Maybe. Just maybe. My pulse quickened.
There was room on my credit card. I’d just paid off the last book binge.
Confucius said you ‘cannot open a book without learning something.’ I could tell her I would be a full pallet smarter.
My finger dropped. Yes. It was coming.
Then the guilt. How to tell her? She loved books, collected them, both of us reading every second we could. Even going out on reading dates. She would understand. She would be excited.
Then an email popped up in my inbox from Amazon. I’d ordered two?
I checked my order.
Nope, I’d ordered one.
“Honey?” My wife’s voice coming from the bedroom, sounded pale and frightened.
I rushed in, saw her laying on the bed, her forehead broken out in a cold sweat. Her iPad clutched in her hands.
“I did a bad thing,” she said.
We talked, canceled our orders, and bought kindles instead.
And we’ve been happy with that decision.
But I will always be poor. I will, until I die, continue to hoard books. I may have to become a Mary Kay dealer after all and include a free foot scrub with every purchaseof my soon-to-be-published book.
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Hungry for Heroes

Cynicism. It’s everywhere. Doubt. Pessimism. Skeptics abound. Life just isn’t getting any better.

We know it’s not an attitude Christ wants us to enjoy. (John 10:10) But let’s face it—the troubles we have, the issues we hear about everywhere, it’s hard not to be cynical.

And the books written today wallow in cynicism.

One such series is The Hunger Games. The evil capitol, forcing children to kill each other in a television game show atmosphere, the winner is the survivor and lives rich and comfortable the rest of their lives—it’s a genius plot. A fascinating story.

One that calls for a hero.

In steps Katniss Everdeen. She volunteers to be a part of the Hunger Games so her younger sister doesn’t have to fight. Heroic. Continue reading

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We’ve added a pamphlet to the church library! Polycarp was an important Church Father, and you can learn more about him through the new addition! It will add 30 pages to the Reading Challenge as well.

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Review: ‘Lit’

Tony Reinke’s book, Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books is not solely for the amateur reader.

With deliberate precision, Reinke first makes a Biblical case for reading.

“The gift of literacy is more profound than merely mastering literacy techniques, improving comprehension, and learning to speed-read. Fundamentally, literacy is a spiritual discipline that must overcome the spiritual darkness that veils us.”

For example, the Ten Commandments were written down. That day, when God—who created the Earth, the universe, humans and animals—decided to give us the commandments, He wrote them with His mighty hand. So we must read.

But this book is not demanding that we read. No, instead it gives advice on when and how to better our reading. Because we’re all busy, and could we possibly find more time to read? With these tips, the answer is yes!

Another example about encouraging us to read is passive versus active entertainment. Our flesh craves passive entertainment. Who doesn’t want to just sit around and be entertained, such as by television or video games? Reading is active entertainment, where we have to work.

And let’s face it, after spending a day keeping the kids in line, or working with whining customers, who wants to slog through an intense read? After reading Lit, you’ll know better how to glean information from valuable books while ignoring the ones that won’t help, as well as making reading an enjoyable experience.

Visit chapter 8 for pointers on how to read a book. Try chapter 10 to find more time to read. Read chapter 14 to raise readers in the home. In chapter 11, you’ll find out how life today can cripple reading habits. And if you’re not a person to mark up your books, read chapter 12 and see if your books remain clean after you’re done perusing them.

Lit is a great book to start off a year of reading. Pick up a copy in the church bookstore today!

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2012 Reading Challenge

Meridian First Baptist Church’s reading Challenge for 2012!

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Challenge: 2012

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Coming Soon…

Nothing quite like this has happened before… and you can play an important role.

No money involved. No hassles. And definitely no manual labor.

Check back soon for more details.

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